About Wage Change

Wage Change is a non-partisan initiative, led by small business owners, to gradually increase the hourly wages of their employees and encourage other small business owners to do the same.

Ken Weinstein, owner of Trolley Car Cafe in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, started Wage Change in 2016 with four fellow business owners in his community – Marvin Graaf (owner of Nonna’s Pizzeria + Tavern and Cresheim Valley Grain Exchange), Amy Edelman, (owner of Night Kitchen Bakery), Meg Hagele, (owner of High Point Café) and Peggy Zwerver and Tom Baker (owners of Earth, Bread & Brewery).

They are united in the common belief that increasing wages will improve the lives of their workers. These business owners have decided to take action because they are tired of waiting for government increase the minimum wage across the board.

All five business owners have agreed that an annual increase of $1/hour over the next four years—from $8/hr in 2017 to $11/hr in 2020—is fair compensation for their hardworking employees and a realistic strategy for other small business owners to emulate.

Workers can’t wait for better wages. If you are a small business owner, join our Wage Change campaign. There is power in numbers and we are confident we can create change together.

If you are a consumer, please support businesses that share your values and have taken this bold step of voluntarily raising their minimum wage. Stop by your favorite small business on the Wage Change list and let them know you are there because you believe that employees can’t wait for better wages!