You can Wage Change by changing wages!

Employees who make more, spend more! We can’t afford to wait for the government to increase the minimum wage.

Wage change means more revenue for your business. You will attract new customers who share your values and appreciate fair treatment of your employees. In turn, they will tell their friends and family.

Sign up now to commit to meet or exceed the Wage Change minimum wage levels: $8/hour by 1/1/2017, $9 by 1/1/2018, $10 by 1/1/2019 and $11 by 1/1/2020.

And by joining us you’ll get the added bonus of free advertising through We want customers to know which businesses are committed to Wage Change! Be part of the change and see the increase in your business.

Let your current customers know that you agree to Wage Change to increase good will in your business and let new potential customers know that you share their values and want their business.

Join our movement!

To sign up, simply complete the form below. Please email photos of your business and employees, for possible inclusion on our website, to